7 Quick Ways To Memorize Russian Words

What everyone ought to know about memorizing Russian words and phrases


One of the first things you would like to know when you start to learn Russian is how to remember Russian words. In this article you will learn 7 Quick Ways To Memorize Russian Words, checked up on practice.

  1. Define the purpose of studying of Russian words

At first you need to understand, what is the purpose for learning Russian words. It is necessary for choosing an appropriate method and material. For example, you wish travel Russia as the tourist – so you need the most widespread tourist phrases, like « Как пройти туда?» Or « Сколько это стоит?». If you are going to work in Russia – you need to study professional lexicon. If you wish to get acquainted with Russian girl – it is necessary to learn phrases Вы очень красивая», «Я тебя люблю» and so on. If you wish to expand the lexicon effectively – it is necessary to learn the first 1000 most widespread  conversational words.

  1. Simple reading

Reading is the most effective method to expand a vocabulary. The more you read the more words you remember. However, you need to follow this rule – to read only simple texts. For example, if 50 % of words per page are not familiar to you, it means the effect from such reading will be very low. To make you reading effective, you must be unfamiliar maximum of 5-6 words on page which you will remember during the reading. Such method for simple reading is successfully used in RLLC Reading Lessons.

  1. Learn words with someone else

It’s much easier to learn Russian words with other person who also learns Russian. It is possible to find such people at forums or in skype. Within several months we will start a Russian Language Learning Club Forum which will make it possible to communicate and exchange contacts for learning Russian. Also it’s useful to try some virtual training programs. For example, classical game “Erudite” (Scrabble) http://www.wordgameolympics.ru/menu3.php. Or InternetPoliglot http://www.internetpolyglot.com/

  1. Video with subtitles or a karaoke

If you already reached an intermediate level of Russian you can use Russian movies with English subtitles. You can watch the movie, press pause to understand and remember new words and phrases. It’s better to repeat the same scene several times to remember better.

             5.       Write down the words

One effective technique to learn Russian words – a diary of the new words. For example, you learn 1 word a day, and write down it in a diary in the evening. Tomorrow you learn one more word and write down it too, thus having looked on the first word. So every day you will do the review of all learnt words and remember them more deeply.

             6.       Word-combinations

Some researchers assert that it is easier to remember word-combinations. Try to remember 2 or 3 words together, for example Большой Слон [Big Elephant] or Голубое Небо [Blue Sky]. When you remember one of these words, you can possibly remember another too. So you will increase the quantity of the learnt words in 2-3 times.

             7.       Use leaflets which you see every day

Do you know artists of famous Cirque du Soleil were learning Russian words? Here a photo:

photo is taken from ЖЖ «Другого»

They have hung up this leaflet on a visible place and looked at it often. You can hang up such leaflets on a refrigerator, a wardrobe, near to a workplace or even in a toilet! Periodically looking at new words, you will quickly remember them.

And now it’s time take action! – get a diary of words, make leaflets for a refrigerator or 

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And do you have your own way of memorizing of Russian words? Share it please in comments to this article.

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  1. November 28, 2012 at 2:03 am #

    We use flashcards with my kids, and when I was learning Russian. They have to be able to read the word in Russian and then be able to say the meaning to at least 10 words a day. If they don’t know it, it goes back in the pile about 20 cards or so back. That way they can still get a chance to remember it’s meaning on the same day if they didn’t get it the first time. We have a stack of about 200 Russian words or phrases, including verbs with all the endings, because we keep adding words that they want to know. The best way that I learned Russian though was living in Russia with only Russians and Russian neighbors. I was forced to have to learn it. I was very motivated to learn every new word people around me said that I didn’t understand. Then every day on the metro, I sat with my little cards of the new words I was learning. I also put stickers of names of things in the house all over the house.

    Posted by Lorna

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