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St._Petersburg Russia

One of the Best Schools of Russian Language in Russia

Opportunity to Learn Russian in Russia!!! We are happy to announce that have made a partnership with one of the best schools of Russian language in Russia! This school has more than 25 years experience and specializes in teaching Russian to foreigners. We invite you to come to Russia to study Russian in groups and […]

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5 Most Popular Russian Proverbs and Sayings

Understand Russia through “people’s wisdom” Russian language is very rich in proverbs and sayings. In Russia, we call proverbs – “people’s wisdom”. Typically, proverbs sound like an “old” Russian language, but everybody understands it because proverbs are universally known. You can learn Russian language by memorizing Russian proverbs. It will be useful also because “people’s […]

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iLearnRussian Special Christmas Offer!

  Russian Language Learning Club  announces GREAT CHRISTMAS OFFER! Only from 5 till 31 December you can get the Best App for Beginners iLearnRussian™ for iPhone/iPad and Android for Special Price! Hurry Up! Act NOW! Detailed information about an OFFER Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

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National Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem of Russia

Usually there are three official distinctive features of every country: National Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem. In this article we will tell about national Russian symbols – Russian flag (Tricolor), Russian Coat of Arms (Double-Headed Eagle) and modern Russian Anthem. 1. Russian Flag Russian flag is a Tricolor with three equal lines: white (top), […]

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Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

Golden Ring of Russia: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal

The Golden Ring of Russia is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Golden Ring includes several very ancient cities in the European part of Russia. These cities have played a huge role in the history of Russia. There are a lot of ancient monuments that can tell tourists about the culture, history, architecture and traditions of […]

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Russian roulette

Russian Roulette – this is one of the most famous Russian games in the world with fatal end. Another name Russian roulette – Hussar Roulette – because it was invented by Russian officers, which used to be called “the hussars.” The terms of Russian roulette game: the empty drum revolver being charged with one cartridge […]

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Bozhe, Tsarya khrani! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAnthem of the Russian Empire (1833-1917) This Anthem was called “Боже, Царя храни” – Bozhe, Tsatya hrani! – God, save the Tsar! It was national anthem of Russian Empire until Russian Revolution in 1917.  The composer was Alixey Lvov, close to Russian Tsar, and the […]

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Mobile Application for Learning Russian – coming SOON!

Innovative Way of Learning Russian I am happy to announce that in a few weeks we will launch a new iLearnRussian™ Application for iOS and Android!  It will include Alphabet, Useful Words, Common Phrases and the Main Feature: 27 sets of Russian Lessons for Beginners that are based on the most effective method of learning Russian language, invented by world’s […]

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Saint Petersburg – Russia’s First Treasure

St. Petersburg: history, tours, weather, what to see? Saint Petersburg – the Northern capital of Russia, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. From 1703 to 1914 it was called St. Petersburg, before 1924 – Petrograd, before 1991 – Leningrad, now St. Petersburg again. St. Petersburg is located in the north-west of the […]

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The Day of the Love of Russian Woman

February 23 – Defender’s Day in Russia   Yesterday in Russia we’ve celebrated the holiday, which is “a great holiday” such as a New Year’s Day or the Day of Constitution. February 23 is considered as “masculine Day” – the day when women in Russia congratulates men, their defenders and defenders of the Fatherland. So […]

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